Final scores

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Re: Final scores

Post by Sam_Brown »

I didn’t come last in the H2H. Thsts got to be worth something right? Right 🥲
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Re: Final scores

Post by Bluesbro' »

Thanks for looking after this again Rich. :thumb
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Re: Final scores

Post by Thats Rich »

Sam_Brown wrote: Wed May 10, 2023 10:43 am Thanks TR. I know organizing something like this and keeping on top of it can take a lot of time so massively appreciated what you do. I didn't finish bottom either so I consider that a win :D :rofl

Suggestion: How about splitting up the league table into a couple of separate leagues "Premier League", "Championship" etc and you can have the top 2 and bottom two relegated \ promoted etc every 10 games or so. Might keep it a bit fresh.

On a side note if you're happy I might try and run something with the FA cup next season in a knockout style (I don't think you do this currently apologies if I've missed it.)
Hi Sam,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I used to split the league into 2 when we had about 20 players on a monthly basis like we currently run. What I will do this year is evaluate the numbers remaining after month 1 (first 4 weeks) and then either have 1 div or 2 divs in the subsequent month.

Regarding the FA cup - I also used to run this with a home v away draw. The home team had to predict a number of games first, with the away player predicting after but only allowed to duplicate either 1 or 2 scores. Home player in theory gets a small advantage.

I also did a Euro comp.

As we have more numbers at the moment I will canvas players around the middle of the year to see if there is enough interest to run these comps.


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