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By Claygate
He suffered a cruciate ligament injury at Luton on the weekend that requires surgery. He will be out on the sidelines for a long time methinks. What a shame for the poor lad. I was looking forward to seeing him play. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
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By Weybridge
Torn ACL it seems. Even with a mild tear, I’d be surprised if we see him this side of Christmas. Then he’s got rock hard winter pitches to contend with. Poor bloke.
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By Pompey Penguin
That's a one year contract from which we will get next to nothing. I was looking forward to someone who could have been an impact player.

It's a long, hard journey back, and we can but wish Jayden all the best for a full recovery.
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By Selsey Bill
Gutted for him, the Cowleys, and us. He looked an exciting prospect. Can't see him playing competitive football again until about March. Just not what we needed when we are already stretched.
By Dinksy
Something like this always seems to happen pre-season and then there's usually another just after it starts.
We need to move the club closer to Lourdes.
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